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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 16, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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time now time now for tonight's closing argument. the investigation into frad launt ballots in the afghan presidential election is nearing conclusion, and abc news has learned that president karzai's original vote total is decreasing. if that number dips below 50%, there will be a run off vote with his chief challenger, abdullah abdullah.
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that may provide greater legitimacy but it could take home and complicate president obama's decision about sending more troops. so, tonight, we ask you -- should the president delay his decision on sending additional troops into afghanistan until we know who the country's legitimate leader will be? tell us what you think by clicking on the "nightline" page at, or on the "nightline" twitter page. and tomorrow night, we investigate the health problems facing some aging football players, with new evidence about what hard hitting on the field can do to players' brains in the long-term. i'll have that report tomorrow here on "nightline." that's our report for tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next. now, for terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, and this is my good friend and security man, guillermo. guillermo is something of a fast food savant.
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would you agree, guillermo? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: tonight, we're going to put that to the test. will guillermo be able to tell the difference between wendy's half-pound double with cheese, straight off the grill, cooked to perfection and topped with fresh produce -- or, the competition's burger, okay? this is the when dip's burger. this is the competition's burger. frozen, precooked, thawed and cooked again. ready guillermo? >> ready, jimmy. >> jimmy: ok, here's burger numero uno. yes. take a bite. don't say anything. put it down right here. now -- did you like it? >> yes, it's real good. >> jimmy: all right. compare it to this. [ laughter ] can you tell us which burger is
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wendy's half pound double with cheese? >> number one. >> jimmy: number one, and would you agree that wendy's is the real choice in fast food? >> i agree. >> jimmy: that's why he's the best. guillermo, everybody. >> dicky: wendy's. you know when it's real. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes with kristin cavallari, music from harper simon and taye diggs. there's nothing like te smell of fresh cooked bacon... ♪ when it's real 7 ♪ you know when it's real ♪ introducing wendy's bacon deuxe... that's fresh cooked,d bacon/ not precooked, on hot, juicy north american beef. baaacoooonnnnnn! ♪ you know when it's real ♪ we love duffel bags, golf bags, small bags.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- taye diggs. from "the hills," kristin cavallari. and music from harper simon.
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with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, so there's no confusion, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm -- host of the show. i appreciate that. get ready to be entertained vigorously tonight. or at least until the lunesta kicks in. we have -- i don't want to bring anybody down. but we have a developing situation right now. as we speak, our parking lot security guard guillermo somehow got himself stuck in an experimental balloon. right now, he's about 8,000 feet
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over ft. collins, colorado. we do? we actually have him on the phone. sorry. you all right, jason? hello, guillermo? >> hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: guillermo, how did you wind up in that balloon? >> i don't know, jimmy. i think i got drunk. >> jimmy: you got drunk and got into a balloon? >> i think so. >> jimmy: are you okay? >> yeah. i'm okay. but i'm a little hungry. >> jimmy: you know, that should be the least of your problems right now, guillermo. >> i know it should be, but it's not. i wish i had something to eat. like taco. hey, get me a bud light, too. >> jimmy: who are you talking to? >> nobody, jimmy. >> jimmy: i heard you talking to someone. >> i think i was talking to a bird. >> jimmy: guillermo, are you really in that balloon?
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>> yes. watch. i'm about to land. woo! >> jimmy: well, he is about -- oh. are you okay? >> yes, jimmy, i'm okay. >> jimmy: okay. well, come back to work, all right? >> okay. >> jimmy: okay, good. well, you know, well, thank god he's okay. a lot of good acting going on there. a lot. you know, strange that this happened because a similar thing happened this afternoon to a 6-year-old boy. this is a crazy story. we were glued to the tv set today, even more so than when we watch "maury." initially they said a 6-year-old boy was flying uncontroled in a homemade helium balloon over colorado. every news channel covered it live. people were praying for this kid. his brother saw him get in the balloon and fly away.
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they called in the air force, the police, the paramedics, everyone was panicked, trying to get him down. eventually the balloon crashed, and it turned out the kid wasn't in the balloon at all. he was hiding in a box in the attic of his house. so, in other words, we closed two airports, mobilized, i don't know how many mortgage workers and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to chase an empty jiffy bag while a 6-year-old played hide and go seek. it was kind of funny. first, everyone was hoching the kid would land safely. then, when he wasn't in the balloon, everyone was hoping to be found alive. then, when they found him in the attic, everyone was hoping he would be beaten within an inch of his life. i'm glad the kid is okay, but -- i got to say [ applause ] i have a feeling we're going to be hearing a lot more about this family. the boy's name is falcon hen nooe, and his father, richard heene is the guy who built the balloon. first of all, this is weird, i know. but a couple of years ago, this
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guy, richard, approached me through a mutual acquaintance and asked me for $25,000 and in exchange he said he was going to put my name on a rocket and fire it into space. i talked him down to $15,000, and we -- he's been on the show "wife swap" twice. it's one thing to get on there once, but when they put you on twice, that's when you know something's wrong. here is richard heene interacting with his temporary wife on "wife swap." >> this is really a perfect example. go get this, go get that, go do this, go do that. >> okay, you're supposed to live the life of her. she doesn't jackhammer me. and i really, really don't want to hear that. because you are entering into a huge negative field. okay, here is how i handle this. ♪ ♪ come on in and get my jackhammer ♪ >> this is -- i got a broken jackhammer over here. i think the switch is broken. how do you turn the jackhammer off.
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i'm listening to your moaning, groaning, all day long and i don't want to hear it. really. >> jimmy: gee, what would make that 6-year-old run away in the attic and hide in a box? i -- i doesn't make any sense. the kid, falcon, got quite a bit of air time on the show, too, and despite the shenanigans here, you can see he seems like a great kid. >> i've been using my psychic ability this last week and i know it's time for this family to change. >> when my new mom writes the rules, i'm not going to listen to them. she's a [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: maybe shea should put him in a balloon, right. he's no baby jessica, i tell you that. oh, guillermo, thank god you're back. >> i was just inside watching the dodgers game. >> jimmy: all right, thank goodness. thank you for being honest, though. >> you're welcome. >> jimmy: okay. it was crossover tonight here on abc. grey's anatomy and private practice, they merged their shows.
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i don't want to spoil it for you, but it ends in an orgy. everyone has sex with everyone else. we had a crossover tonight, those of you watched "nightline" tonight, i hope saw me on the show, my first time ever on the show. i made a special guest appearance with terry moran. >> from the global resources of abc thursd b kbc news, this is >> good evening, i'm terry gor man. we begin tonight with the h1n1 flu, and the toll this new influenza virus is taking on children. school districts from coast to coast have been forced to close this fall to stem the spread of infection. kids are among those top of the list of who should receive the first doses of vaccine chlgt. >> jimmy: all those years dancing behind "the today show" finally paid off. there was moment yesterday in manhattan. a construction working hanging on for his life. >> a construction worker dangles from a rope 20 stories high.
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bricks collapse on top of the scaffolding underneath him, knocking him off. down below, on 68th street, they watch in horror. >> oh, my gosh, the first thing i saw, i heard was scaffolding fall, and i heard a lot of noise, rumbling, and then i looked up again, i said, oh, my god there's a man hanging up there. >> jimmy: and he's got my testic testicles. helium going around tonight. that's a slice of pizza, not a questions diaw. you're supposed to fold it, guillermo. here now in california, this morning at 10:15, more than 6 million people participated in the largest ever earthquake drill. i did my part. at exactly 10:15, i braced heist in a door the way and wet my pants. which is -- it's nice to be reminded of the many ways you can die in california. the best would have been if the earthquake actually happened
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during the drill, because nobody would have believed it, right? the olds of that happening have to be like 30 to 1. yesterday, california governor schwarzenegger spoke at the world technology conference, and he actually managed to work his movie credits into the speech. >> well, think about just the movie career. how could have i done terminator and conan the barbarian and all of those movies without technology. i mean, if i think about conan fighting this giant snake, i could have never done that and look so studly if i would haven't had technology and the green screen technology, or in terminator, just think about it, being a cybernetic organism, how could i have done that without technology? blown the the-1,000's head off without technology.
12:20 am
should could . >> jimmy: do you think he understands that those things didn't really happen? i'm starting to not be so sure. and of course, how do you send a speech like that? well, exactly how you think he would. >> thank you very much. thank you. and i'll be back. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the best. going to miss him. i really am. how much longer do we have? who is funny as schwarzenegger as governor? maybe favor flav. but that's it. leona lewis had a bad day yesterday. she got punched in the head at a book signing in london. authorities believe the attack had something to do with the title of her new book, "punch me in the head during my book signing." i don't know. in other international music news, very, very sad news. reports today that the norwegian ban ah-ha has announced plans to break up. do you remember them?
12:21 am
they had that song, ♪ talking away ♪ i don't know what to say ♪ say it anyway ♪ today's another day to find you ♪ ♪ shying away ♪ i'll be coming for your love okay ♪ ♪ take on me ♪ take on me ♪ take me on ♪ take on me ♪ i'll be gone you remember that song? they broke up. and i don't know what to say. that song came out in 1985. as far as i knew, that was it for them. but -- [ laughter ] one more thing. this is -- from a foreign land, again, it's pretty crazy. from a japanese game show. the show is called "panic face king" and all i can figure is they must not have lawyers in
12:22 am
japan, because what they did is, they put people in a room, four people, three of them are actors, and the guy in the tie you're about to see has no idea what's going on, other than that everyone around him is suddenly being shot to death. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i might have to move to japan just to see that, because -- that would be -- if
12:23 am
you are keeping track, in japan, wearing shoes indoors, unacceptable. terrifying people with fake murders, no problem at all. we got a good show tonight. from "the hills" on mtv, kristin cavallari is here tonight. we have music tonight from harper simon, and we'll be right back with taye diggs, so stick around. now your card comes with a way to plan for what matters to you. introducing blueprint. blueprint is free and only for chase customers. it lets you choose what purchases you want to pay in full to avoid interest...with full pay. and those you split... you decide how to pay over time. if having a plan matters. chase what matters. create your own blueprint at
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>> jimmy: he >> jimmy: hey, we're back. joining us tonight on the show, from "the hills" on mtv, not the real hills, kristin cavallari is here. omg! right? later on -- i will tell you he is the son of paul simon just to get you interested, but that isn't why he's here. he is a very talented singer and writer of songs. his debut album is called "harper simon" and his name is harper simon. harper simon is here. he's good, you'll like him. tomorrow night, serena williams, dr. drew pinsky, and music from eric church.
12:28 am
so please join us, too. our first guest tonight started his career singing harry belafonte's "the banana boat song" 36 times a day at tokyo disney. that led to a part in the original cast of "rent" and then movies, where he gave the gift of groove. back, to stella. you can see him now every thursday night at 10:00 on "private practice." that's here on abc. please welcome taye diggs. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and i want to say, first of all, congratulations to you, because you had a son last month. >> thank you, yes. thank you. >> jimmy: your first? >> yeah, my first. little walker. little walker. >> jimmy: keeping him away from those balloons and the like? >> i'm trying. >> jimmy: his name is walker? >> yes. >> jimmy: how did you arrive
12:29 am
that? >> it was inspired by the writer, alice walker. >> jimmy: were you worried about the walker texas ranger? >> i was. but we figured out by the time he was old enough for kids to make fun, you know, he'd be like 5 or 6, no one is going to really know who walker texas ranger -- >> jimmy: i disagree. i don't know. you might have a problem there. >> keep him away from you. >> jimmy: should have named him gone si fonzi or something like that. >> jimmy: and your name is taye. i don't know anybody -- >> naickname from scotty. >> jimmy: is your name is scott? >> yes, scott. >> jimmy: are you named after the star trek -- >> no. >> jimmy: you take the names of
12:30 am
television -- >> i am not. i am not. he was scottish? >> jimmy: well, right. yeah, hence the name scotty. you're not stocottish, though. >> no, i'm not. i'm black. >> jimmy: you are. [ laughter ] you're a television doctor, so when you go into a hospital, i would imagine that they're aware of that, and that, do you feel more comfortable? do you draw on tv experience? >> no. >> jimmy: you do not? >> no, absolutely not. i'm waiting for people to come up and be, you did, i saw you did that wrong. i'm waiting for that to happen, you know what i mean? >> jimmy: yeah. you haven't done it wrong, because they keep a close eye on that thing? >> they try. they try to. i mean, we all know it's a television show. >> jimmy: you have delivered a tv baby before? >> i have, actually. >> jimmy: how did that compare to delivering a real baby or at least, i assume you were in the delivery room. >> i was. the tv baby was white.
12:31 am
so that was different. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> and they put jelly and cream cheese over the baby. >> jimmy: you sure it wasn't a bagel? >> no, nothing compares to -- >> jimmy: they put jelly on babies? like, smuckers jelly? >> pretty much. yeah. it's uncomfortable to watch. >> jimmy: i donyeah -- >> i don't want to ruin it. >> jimmy: i always look away, and now i'll be like, mmm. maybe i'll get a snack. >> some bread. that's funny. >> jimmy: were you a good partner in the delivery room? >> i -- i thought so. got rough at moments, because, you know, you have no idea the sounds, you know, that your wife is going to make, and there were moments when i had to excuse myself and just take a deep breath, but -- >> jimmy: go out for a smoke. >> right. but at the end of the day, i was there. i was a cheerleader, and we
12:32 am
worked it out. >> jimmy: yeah, you did. did you take classes? >> do you know what is a dula, helps you throughout the thing. >> jimmy: why do they call it that? >> it really throws people off. >> jimmy: i met someone that was a dula, and i immediately felt like that were being obnoxious. >> yes, a little bit. >> jimmy: with the dula. what is the origin of that word? >> i have no idea. >> jimmy: you had one. >> we did. she was amazing. she was amazing, yeah. >> jimmy: good dula. and what did the dula do? >> what the dula did, let me tell you -- she was just there for adina. she gave us classes and was just, you know, she basically told us everything that was going to happen before it was going to happen because regardless of all the books that you read, for me, personally, you know, when i'm in the moment, everything just, i forgot everything. >> jimmy: you did? >> yes. what happens next, what happens next? >> jimmy: and the dula says, now
12:33 am
the baby comes out, and now so big gross followup baby comes out afterwards. >> covered with jelly and cream cheese. >> jimmy: like willard scott is going to make an announcement in a moment about smuckers jam and it's going to be horrible. and everything worked out. did you cut the cord? >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: you did? >> i refused to do that. >> it was amazingly tough. it was like a rubber tube. it was crazy. >> jimmy: they are delicious. yeah. it was tough, really? you felt like it was harder to -- wow, see, now, that would -- >> here is one of the things about the dula, and she was great. she was great. but she asked us if he wanted the placenta afterwards. because there are crazy nutrients, and, you know, during one of the classes, just, you know, very casually, she said, we can make the placenta into
12:34 am
tablets that you can take each day. >> jimmy: what? >> and i'm like -- i looked at my wife, are you crazy? >> jimmy: stick with the flintstones vitamins. >> i know. i think -- i have to ask my wife. i've been scared -- >> jimmy: you had them made? >> yeah, yeah, my wife was serious. she wanted to be prepared on -- >> jimmy: who is supposed to take those? >> she is. >> jimmy: has she been taking them? >> i've been afraid to ask. >> jimmy: i don't blame you. >> they look like just regular, whatevers, but -- >> jimmy: it sounds like a horror movie. your wife is eating her own placenta bit by bit. when she runs out the baby might be made into them. keep a close eye on her. >> that's awful. >> jimmy: tonight was the big crossover episode of "grey's anatomy" and "private practice." you hit on dr. bailey.
12:35 am
>> i tried to sneak a kiss from her. >> jimmy: have women rejected you? >> oh, in high school and college, absolutely. >> jimmy: yeah, but then once you got, completely done? >> well, i found my wife pretty soon thereafter, so, she never rejects me. >> jimmy: do you think there will be -- they will further that relationship? >> i'm hoping so. it's great fun. she's great. she's great. really, really smart. and she has a sick sense of humor. i would love that. >> jimmy: do you have a halloween costume picked out for your child? >> i don't. but i think my wife, and we have a wonderful nanny, they want to dress him up. and i have concerns, because he's a little dude, and i don't want him to be dressed up like a sun flower or -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> i want him to be as masculine as he can be at six weeks old. >> jimmy: you're in luck. i have something special for you. you know, you may react negatively to this, but i want
12:36 am
you to consider it, because now -- what it is, it's a little walker texas ranger. [ applause ] and you have the -- you've got to little chuck norris on his vest there, and the whole thing. >> can he actually wear this? this is excel lebt. >> jimm you' >> jimmy: ask the dula. that's for you for your child. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: taye diggs, everybody. "private practice" airs thursdays at 10:00 on abc. we'll be right back with kristin cavallar cavallari. (announcer) there are car radios... and then there is the voice-recognizing, text-out-loud-reading, turn-by-turn-direction- giving sync® system the all-new taurus from ford. (beep) (sync® voice) please say a command. read message. (sync® voice) highway 8 closed. update route.
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>> jimmy: hi there. well, still to come on the show, music from harper simon. we're only three episodes into the new season of "the hills," and our next guest is already working on stealing her second boyfriend of the year. i've been texting my friends about it all week. "the hills" airs on mtv tuesday nights at 10:00. please say hello to
12:41 am
kristin cavallari. how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: everything all right? >> just stealing some boyfriends, i guess. >> jimmy: i guess so. weird to do that and then look back on it on camera, because who among us haven't stolen a boyfriend. >> a boyfriend or two, i know. i guess i do it quickly. three episodes i'm on the second already. >> jimmy: intentional little for the show is this how you go about your life? >> oh, god. no, i mean -- first of all, i'm not really a boyfriend stealer. i mean, audrey that, the whole situation, i understand the whole girl code where you are not supposed to go after someone's ex-boyfriend, but we were never friends, so, it didn't apply to us. >> jimmy: in a way, the fact that you were never friends incentivized you to go after her ex-boyfriend. yes? >> yes. >> jimmy: it did?
12:42 am
>> no, but when you come at me and yell at me at a party, then that -- >> jimmy: i never did that. >> not you. not you. >> jimmy: i see. >> i'm trying to steal your boyfriend. are you worried that i'm trying to steal your boyfriend? >> guillermo, don't you go anywhere. >> you're coming home with me. >> jimmy: the last -- originally you started on the show "laguna beach." this is a different show, "the hills." did you move to the hills to be on "the hills," and were you in -- they relocated you for the show? >> i've been living in l.a. since i graduated high school. they actually asked me for the past four years to come on the show, but i just didn't want to, because it was lauren's show and i thought it would be the same thing as "laguna beach," they would have made us enemies fighting over a guy, so, with lauren leaving i thought, well, i can make it about, more about my personality and me and -- >> jimmy: i'm not going in there until lauren conrad, lc, is out. o-u-t? >> i think i said no more reality, which i knew i would
12:43 am
come back -- >> jimmy: i have a clip of this statement from the show. >> i'm not doing reality. i want to move on and do movies and stuff. >> jimmy: you were done with reality and here you are right back in reality. you know what the truth is? we can never excape reality. and though we may try different things to -- >> reality will always be there. that's what i'm learning. >> jimmy: it comes back to bite us. >> i've learned a lot. >> jimmy: do you have fun doing the show? >> i do. >> jimmy: it seems like you kind of hate it. >> why? >> jimmy: i don't know. just does. >> why do you -- >> jimmy: i think everyone hates me but i'm having a great time. >> jimmy: you think everyone hates you? >> i think -- no, but i think at first it kind of made people uncomfortable. >> jimmy: do you try to be as nice as possible? >> yes, can't you tell? i'm like an angel. >> jimmy: you could control it by pretending to be nice or whatever. >> yeah, but that becomes
12:44 am
exhausting. >> jimmy: that becomes exhausting. you said something about brody jen their people were upset about. >> i can't live this down. that the sex was vanilla. >> jimmy: i happen to love vanilla, by the way. >> i'm more a chocolate person myself. >> jimmy: let's get taye diggs back out here. >> i thought he was going to be sitting here. i thought he was going to be here. >> jimmy: yeah, well what are you going to do? >> he had a baby. >> jimmy: he's got a baby. stealing a guy with a baby is not -- is not going to help. >> that's pushing it. >> jimmy: not going to help your image. >> probably not. >> jimmy: now, there is -- i think there is a reason for this anger that america has toward you, and that is, you are responsible for the monster that is heidi and spencer. you actually brought them together. >> i know. i feel like i owe america and actually the entire world an apology. >> jimmy: do you really feel that way?
12:45 am
>> i mean, yes. i had no idea what it would going to create, and now they are trying to recreate, which scares me to death. >> jimmy: they are trying to procrea procreate. you have to stop that. like the guy that invented the atomic bomb is now very anti-war, and anti-bombs, you're that guy. you created this godzilla and you have to slay it. before there's little baby. >> no pressure. >> jimmy: running through the towns. >> i can't imagine that running around. >> jimmy: no, i can't imagine. it's unthinkable. >> i had no idea what i was thinking. >> jimmy: spencer doesn't seem like -- >> he doesn't want to. >> jimmy: and i have offered to pay for his vasectomy, but we have heard nothing back. >> that's funny you bring that up. i think that coming up on the show, there's talk about that and something might happen. >> jimmy: i like that a lot. >> you might be excited about that. i've done my job, maybe. >> jimmy: get dr. oz to come do
12:46 am
it or something. are you saying he might have that on the show? >> maybe. >> jimmy: you have been to all their fake weddings, heidi and spencer? >> i went to the one real one. >> jimmy: the real one? was it a real one? >> i went into the same way you would, but they seem very in love. i really walked away with a good feeling, going, okay, i guess they are in love a little bit. >> jimmy: seems like he's captured her, and there's some sort of -- >> i know, and she listens to everything that he says. >> jimmy: they don't seem to agree on much. >> but we're sitting here talking about them, and so, you have to give them some credit. >> jimmy: you're right. we should kill ourselves. we should give them some credit or subtract credit from ourselves here. >> exactly. >> jimmy: exactly. how long do you plan to be on "the hills?" >> i'm doing this season and then i'm signed on to do one more. >> jimmy: one more season. and do you have your eyes set on any particular ending or goal?
12:47 am
i mean -- >> or boy that i'm trying to steal? >> jimmy: or boy, anything like that? >> no, i'm just doing my thing, so i can't really predict what's going to happen. >> jimmy: i see. yet, you do know what's going to happen. people say it's editing that makes people say -- do you get mad when you watch the show and you see the girls say things about you? >> it's interesting, because yeah, you do watch, and you're going, oh, my god, what a bitch, but you have to kind of go, well, maybe she wasn't saying that about me, like, the vanilla comment with brody. i was like, i wasn't talking about you. i could have been talking about anybody. so, we kind of have that excuse. >> jimmy: you were actually talking about him. >> well, i was, but he doesn't have to know that. but that's the thing. because editing works wonders. you can be like, i wasn't talking about you. i was talking about someone else. >> jimmy: i see. and there's no way -- do you call mtv, go back, i want to see what was actually --
12:48 am
>> i could try. they're like, yeah, right. >> jimmy: they won't let you do that? >> no way. >> jimmy: did you go -- >> when i decided to come back on the show, i want producer credit, they were like, are you kidding? >> jimmy: you have to be there roaming around the hills freely. >> i have to steal boyfriends. >> jimmy: somebody has to, i guess. i worked for heather locklear on "melrose place." >> nobody remembers the nice girl. fun to be the bad girl. >> jimmy: tell that to mary, mother of jesus. remember her every night. well -- [ applause ] congratulations on your return to the show. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and give my love to all the terrible people you are surrounded with over there. kristin cavalleri, everybody. "the hills" airs tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on mtv. we'll be right back with harper at 10:00 p.m. on mtv. we'll be right back with harper simon. on the go, at 3g speed, ake plans there's a map for that. and if you want to know why your friend's 3g coverage
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>> jim >> jimmy: hi there. we're back. well, this is his self-titled debut cd. here with the song "berkley girl," harper simon! ♪ she is juniper and roses she is amethyst and pearl and though she makes her home in hollywood ♪ ♪ she's really just a berkeley girl ♪
12:58 am
♪ she's the breeze on a sunday morning blowing down a country lane ♪ ♪ she's got the style of paulette goddard and a smile like joan fontaine ♪ ♪ and she drives a carmengia through the streets of silver lake ♪ ♪ and the hills of echo park ♪ ♪ she is crinoline and satin she is leopard skin and lace ♪ ♪ hard to believe that she believed in me when i was such a hopeless case ♪
12:59 am
♪ and she knows from love and service and she knows from peace of mind ♪ ♪ to be not sinister in purpose and to never be unkind ♪ ♪ and she loves a tulsi garden and she loves her rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ and she's never far from my mind no ♪ ♪ she is juniper and roses guess i'll sing it once again ♪ ♪ and though we are no longer lovers
1:00 am
i know she'll always be my friend ♪ ♪ so if you ever ride beside her driving down the 101 ♪ ♪ be thankful that you're with a berkeley girl who's beautiful beneath the moon and the sun ♪ ♪
1:01 am
♪ ♪ oh, a berkeley girl ♪ ♪
1:02 am
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1:04 am
>> jimmy: i want to thank. taye diggs, kristin call lefry. i want to apologize to matt damon, we ran out of tomorrow. this is his self-titled cd, it's his debut album. playing us off the air with the performance "cactus flower hagged," harper simon. good night. ♪ beautiful child ♪ poorest in


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